Going to the snow

Mrs Philps took us to the snow this week. She got all dressed up in her snow gear. We had to write a procedural text on how to get dressed for the snow.


Have you been to the snow? What did you like to do at the snow?



Procedural Texts

This week we have been looking at procedural texts. We have been doing lots of different hands on activities. We have been lucky enough to have Mrs Philps teaching us. She has lots of great ideas. This week during writing we made toast and completed a science experiment.


Have a look at the pictures and see what we did.


Which activity did you like the best?

Did you like making toast or completing the science experiment?


POP Maths

A few weeks ago we had students come from Deakin Uni to teach us about maths. The day was called POP maths.

We did so many fun things such as a shape and measurment hunt, dice games, board games and adding activities.

It was great fun!! Some people won prizes!


What was your favourite part of the day?



Last week we made dinsoaur fossils.


Play dough

Paper plates



First we had to mold the playdough into a shape of a dinosaur claw.

Second Mrs Wescott mixed the plaster powder with water to form a messy yucky  paste.

Third we poured the paste over the play dough claw.

Fourth we let it rest and set over a whole week.


Literacy Workshop

Every day we have a Literacy Workshop. We do lots of different things.

First we start off with independent reading. We read by ourselves, making sure that we have a good fit book. While we are reading we have to do lots of thinking.

Second we do writing. We write about all different things. This week we are focusing on using interesting starters.

Third we listen to reading or do shared reading with a partner. When we read with our friend we have to check who and what at the end of each page.

Last of all we do word work this is all about our sound of the week. Sometimes we play games and sometimes we do sorts. This week our sound is ‘al’

What is your favourite part of the Literacy Workshop?

Aboriginal Performance

On the last day of term 1 we completed our DAT. In the entrance we displayed all our art work we had completed over the term.

All the grade 2’s performed an act of some kind. Grade 1/2M performed a song and an aboriginal dance. We sang ‘Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees’.

Grade 1/2W acted out the Rainbow Serpent and Grade 2S acted out Tidalik.

We danced to aboriginal music and used rhythmic sticks and danced like Australian Animals.


What was your favourite act?

Did you like the dance or the song?

Mrs Rollinson

Our new principle Mrs Rollinson, came and visited us. She spoke to us about our blog and what we use our blog for. It was great because she was very kind and helpful. We are looking forward to getting to know her.


How can we make Mrs Rollinson feel welcome at Leopold Primary?



Grade 2 excursion

We went to Narana today. Have a look at the slide show to see what we saw.


 What a fantastic day we had today we went to Narana. It was exciting we had lots of fun. They showed us aboriginal things that could make noise and they had a boomerang. We got to throw them. It went up in the air, spun around and almost came back to him. We saw rocks that had paint on it and we saw emus eat their breakfast. One of them sat on their knees and ate. 

By Chloe

Today we went to Narana. I got to throw a boomerang. I threw it in the middle it in the middle it was fun and I saw an x-ray painting and dot painting on a didgeridoo. 

One of the emus did a dropping and two emus were fighting. We had to move down to the next emu. It was fun. He showed us the sticks.

By Rory K

Narana on PhotoPeach